Five-ply cardboard box “M” (glasses)

This cardboard box is made of five-ply corrugated board. It can be used for packing, storage and transporting glasses, bottles, and other fragile items.*



  • Length: 55 cm (21.6 in)
  • Width: 34 cm (13.3 in)
  • Height: 33 cm (13 in)


  • You get one carton divider (a grid forming 15 cells) within the box for extra cushioning and glasses/ bottles safety
  • Capacity: 15 glasses and/ or bottles
  • Easy assembly
  • This box is made from 100% biodegradable and fully recyclable materials
  • For custom sizes please click here or contact us

*Note that the box is delivered in an expanded form


Assembly instructions


Assembling the cardboard box is a fast and simple process. All you need is a packing tape.



  • 1st step: Fold the box flaps (the small ones);
  • 2nd step: Fold the big flaps;
  • 3rd step: Use the packing tape along the box. It’s a good idea to use two layers of packing tape for a greater strength and durability.

For the top of the box, repeat the same steps using only one layer of packing tape.


Prices are subject to VAT.

7,25 лв.


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