About Us

About Us


Who are we?

Packit.bg is a rapidly developing Bulgarian company for the production of cartons, boxes, corrugated cardboard packaging and trade in packaging materials.

How did it all start?




The original idea for Packit.bg was to provide a complete home and office moving solution. We started in 2015 in a small room of 15 square meters with about 30 products - standard sizes of cartons, aeroplast, tape, stretch film and other basic products. After we soon realized that a large number of our customers needed individual packaging for their products, we also turned to offering custom cartons and boxes.
In the beginning, we worked with subcontractors, but we were not satisfied with the quality and deadlines, and so the idea of creating our own production was born. We bought our first two machines and started learning by trial and error. We produced, packed and delivered our shipments ourselves.
Today, only 6 years later, our base is already located on 1300 square meters and includes a production workshop with 15 machines, a physical store and warehouses, as well as a team of nearly 30 people.
But we are most proud of the fact that 90% of the products and raw materials we use are produced in Bulgaria!

Mission, Vision and Values

At Packit.bg, we strongly believe in good example and the responsibility that every company bears to society. We have taken the initiative to recycle all the paper left over from production waste, and our balance sheet so far is over 40 tons of recycled paper per year.
Our main mission, which we believe we fulfill every day, is to provide quality and reliable packaging for businesses and individual customers and to make it as easy as possible for people to move their home or office.

Our product portfolio




We currently offer over 250 sizes of cartons and boxes and are constantly adding new models. For example, for moving we offer boxes for plates, cups, books, shoes, clothes or paintings, and for business we have from palletizing boxes to food and cake boxes. And you can further personalize your packaging by branding it.
Cartons and boxes are mainly used as transport packaging, but also for delivering shipments to end customers with additions such as colored tissue paper, ribbons or stickers for an even more special experience.
Our packing materials and packages for moving, palletizing and repair work include corrugated cardboard, aeroplast, stretch film, tape, sacks and more. and are extremely practical.
We also have proposals for corporate gifts such as luxury boxes and bags.
Our rapid development and the increasing number of satisfied customers who become loyal inspire and motivate us to be more and more creative to offer better and better solutions for the needs of businesses and households. Professional attitude, fulfillment of every order on time and fast delivery are main priorities in our work with each client.
And the topic of environmental protection never ceases to excite us, and another proof of this is that we have made sure that our biodegradable packaging materials are affordable. Our promise is to keep increasing their diversity in the future!