Extra Large Box XL (clothes box)

Box dimensions: 40 х 40 х 80 cm (L/W/H)

Three-ply corrugated cardboard



You might think that if the extra large box is three times larger than the Medium box M then it is better to buy the Medium box and save some money. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. It is impossible to put certain items in the XL boxes and still carry them easily because they will become too heavy. For example, if you loaded this box with canned goods, it would weigh around 100 kg.


The best way to use the XL box is to start packing in the bedroom. Put light and bulky items off your bed like pillows, blankets and beddings.


The XL box is suitable for packing lamps, vacuum cleaners, shoe boxes, clothes, towels, curtains and other bulky items.

2,95 лв.
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