How to pack your products or gifts effectively?

8 September 2023
How to pack your products or gifts effectively?

Have you ever thought about how important packaging is? It is not by chance that the expression "packaging sells" exists. A beautifully wrapped product or gift immediately makes an impression, complements the experience and hints at something special hidden inside. With the right packaging, you will pleasantly surprise both customers, partners and employees, as well as your loved ones. And with us you will find a variety of gift boxes, bags, tissue paper and accessories suitable for different types of packaging - we will tell you more about them in the following lines.


Choose a stylish gift box



Gift boxes are great packaging that is often quite sufficient.
Depending on its contents, as well as the occasion, consider what type of box to choose. With us, you will find luxury boxes in various colors, shapes and sizes, suitable for corporate gifts and special occasions, fresh flower boxes or two-color punched kraft boxes for a more artistic presentation. With the boxes with a transparent lid, you can hint at the contents inside, and the "pillows" and "hearts" boxes are distinguished by their interesting design.
We also offer boxes suitable for major holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Valentine's Day. As well as different designs of boxes and bags - with beautiful embroidery, colored or with a window - for a bottle of wine, the perfect classic corporate gift. If you decide to stick with a gift bag instead of a box altogether, take a look at our diverse offerings.

Complete the experience with the right accessories


If you prefer to wrap your products or gifts with tissue paper, unleash your creativity and create original and artistic packaging. Start by choosing the right paper. You can choose a luxurious one with glitter particles for a sophisticated packaging, a bright or a neutral color depending on the impression you want to make. Or honeycomb stretch paper for a more unconventional art look.
Continue to accessories by choosing whether to pair the paper with natural twine for a more casual and eco-friendly design, or with a beautiful satin ribbon in a matching color for a luxurious feel.
You can also add a sticker or label to further personalize your packaging, as well as brand it with your logo or distinctive company information. Such packaging with tissue paper and accessories is suitable both for customers and for very personal gifts for special people and for corporate gifts where you want to impress with originality and creative execution.

Consider the inner packaging as well


In addition to the outer packaging, it is important to consider the inner packaging as well, with the help of which you extend the special experience of the end recipient. First of all, consider whether the item you are packing is fragile or has a fine surface that needs to be protected from scratches. For such products, we recommend that you include bubble wrap or stretch wrap to ensure that you protect them well. When you wrap the item well with it, the wrapping paper would also help to store it.
Add extra padding to the empty space in your gift box with shredded paper. Eco-friendly brown or gray paper completes the eco experience, and colored shredded tissue paper is a spectacular finishing touch. Here again, the honeycomb stretch paper works – it both protects the product and decorates it in a non-standard and artistic way.
Whether for valued customers, a company occasion or a personal celebration, a specially wrapped product or gift is an experience that adds value and is remembered for a long time. Do not hesitate to pay more attention to the packaging - we guarantee that the result is worth it. We welcome any inquiries and ideas to help you finalize your packaging in a perfect way.