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Need convenient packaging solutions? Welcome to our store!

31 July 2023
Need convenient packaging solutions? Welcome to our store!
Regardless of whether you need product packaging, gift packaging or packaging materials for repairs and moving - at Packit.bg you will find everything you need. With us, you can also personalize and brand your cartons and boxes, add accessories to them or choose an affordable package of packaging supplies. If possible, we advise you to visit our physical store or pick up your online order on site. This way you will see all the products from our monthly promotion in bulk, you will try the packaging and you will receive detailed consultation and advice from us when choosing. Read more reasons to visit us in the following lines.


Convenient location

First of all, the location of our physical store is communicative and convenient, namely at 105 Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. (entrance from Acad. Georgi Bonchev St.). You can enter the base freely, as well as park for free in front of the store. Also, in case you are placing a larger order or purchasing bulkier products, count on our assistance in loading your purchases.

The right packaging for your products and gifts



If you have any doubts about exactly what packaging you need, bring your product or products to our store and try different packaging for them. Our selection is large - from boxes and punched boxes of various designs, shapes and sizes to various types of beautiful gift boxes, bags, paper, textiles and accessories. Therefore, it is good to get as accurate an idea as possible of what kind of packaging appeals to you visually and fits your product best.
We will also help you with advice and guidance if needed, especially if you want to customize your carton or box and brand it with a logo, specific elements of your brand or any other type of image.
On site, you will also find a wide selection of materials and accessories suitable for your product or gift packaging - ribbons, stickers and labels, tissue paper, non-woven textiles, etc. Try different combinations and finalize the beautiful and trendy design of your packaging in a perfect way. :)

Browse and select packing materials for repairs and relocation



Do you have a summer renovation or move coming up? Did you know that we offer extremely convenient packing solutions in such situations? In addition to multiple sizes of quality and sturdy cartons and rolls of corrugated cardboard, you'll also find a variety of packaging supplies such as different types of bubble wrap, wrapping paper, sacks, storage bags, and more. In general, everything you could need is here with us.
For even greater convenience, we have also designed packing packages that come out cheaper and at the same time combine in a practical way all the necessary consumables according to specific situations.
On site, you can take a look and consult with us about the most suitable solution, and you will also see exactly how voluminous the cartons are, if it is difficult for you to judge by size alone.

Get your online order on the spot

In case you have placed your order online, but prefer to pick it up as quickly as possible and save both time and delivery fee, it is again a convenient option to visit our physical store. :)
With the "local pickup" option, we prepare orders faster, and you can come and collect yours within five days of the day we notify you that it is ready.
If you want to see and "touch" our cartons, boxes, packaging supplies, gift packaging and fresh accessories - arrange a visit to our store. We are ready to assist you as much as we can to make the most accurate, practical or aesthetic choice according to your situation and requirements. We are expecting you!