Solvent packing tape

The tape, also called scotch tape or self-adhesive tape, is made of polypropylene with an adhesive layer of solvent (natural rubber). It is a packaging material that is part of the mandatory list for upcoming packaging and relocation. This tape is used for assembling cartons, packing with bubble wrap, and gluing objects for safe transportation. It adheres easily to all types of surfaces.



  • Width: 48 mm
  • Length: 55 m
  • Adhesive layer: solvent
  • Colour: transparent


Instructions for use:

First fold the small wings at the bottom of the box, then the large ones and tape them lengthwise and widthwise, our recommendation is to apply two coats of tape on the long side. After filling the box, close the wings in the same sequence and start gluing, overlapping the tape with which you glued the bottom of the box. This will give you maximum strength and stability.


For ease of use, you can use a tape dispenser. It will help you assemble your boxes quickly and without any problems!


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