Types and advantages of stretch film

11 August 2023
Types and advantages of stretch film

Do you have a small business where you often need to package products when selling and shipping them? Are you planning a move or renovation where you will need to pack different items and furniture again? Correct and reliable packaging is key to keep your products and belongings healthy and to preserve their aesthetic appearance. Especially if they are more fragile and fragile or have delicate surfaces. And stretch film is a very good protector of your products and there are varieties suitable for different needs. In the following lines, we tell you more about this universal packaging material.


When and why to use stretch film?

The main function of the stretch film is to protect the objects from contamination, wetting and scratching during their transport and storage. It is very strong especially when you put several layers of it, and its flexibility and elasticity quite easily adapts it to objects of any shape. Another advantage of it is that it sticks tightly but does not leave marks on objects, and it is also convenient to store due to its compact size.
With stretch film, you can pack both small fragile items and products, as well as bulky ones with non-standard shapes, such as furniture and equipment, which do not fit in a box or do not need to be placed in one. And you can use the foil to additionally stabilize cartons and boxes by wrapping them with it, for example when palletizing them. You just need to choose the right size roll and estimate how many layers to repeat from the foil in each case.


How do foil types differ?


  • Roll size
The first thing to consider when packing is whether the items you will be packing are small or bulky. With us, you will find rolls of various sizes, which are intended for the packaging of objects of all sizes and shapes. Mini rolls, for example, are very convenient for smaller and delicate items such as lamps, decorations or appliances. That is why we have emphasized their varieties: you can choose between three types of small rolls of different sizes - 10 cm, 12.5 cm and 25 cm wide, all 150 m long.
  • Degree of transparency 
The other thing to consider is whether you need a fully transparent or more opaque film. Opaque film is suitable if you want to protect the products from sunlight, as well as if you prefer not to see the contents of the package. With us you can choose between white, black and blue opaque film.
  • Foil thickness
The most common stretch film thickness is 23 microns, but we also offer a 17 micron version. At 23 microns per 1 kg, they correspond to 93 m (approximately, since there is elasticity), and at 17 microns per 1 kg, they are about 124 m. If thickness is not important to you, the 17 micron stretch film is more profitable, because by getting more meters of packaging material.

How to facilitate the placement of the stretch film?

If you are going to pack a large number, as well as more voluminous items, products or furniture, it is good to use spools and handles, which will assist you in easier and faster packing.
With the multiple manual stretch spools, you will easily stretch the film and be able to wrap more and bigger items in negative time. The handles for the mini rolls of stretch film are made of lightweight plastic and are suitable for all sizes of mini rolls. Their handle has a very comfortable ergonomic shape and with them you will again easily and quickly pack any objects or products of smaller sizes.
It is no coincidence that stretch film is the packaging material that is used in almost all cases of packaging. It is compact, durable and easy to use, which is helped by its very characteristics, the different sizes and designs of the rollers, as well as the auxiliary tools - the handles and the spools.
And as you know, we are ready to assist you in the packaging of items and products of a wide variety of nature - contact us for advice and to place an order.